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Picture: photothek/Florian Gärtner

War in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of the neighboring state on February 24, 2022, is now almost automatically associated with the buzzword of the "turning point" or the beginning of a "new era". Even if this term expresses the widespread shock about the events in Ukraine, it is rightly questioned. To what extent do concepts of peace ethics and security policy require revision? What are current and future-relevant questions, regardless of a - currently unforeseeable - end to the war?

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"Russia is playing a high-stakes game"

Tatiana Zhurzhenko

Cultural and historical claims to superiority are difficult to negotiate

The Ukraine War as a Challenge for the Development of Christian Peace Ethics

Markus Vogt

For the future of Christian peace ethics, the balance between defensible realism and reconciliatory dialog is crucial

Be Able to Fight so You Won't Have to Fight – Does this Motto Still Hold True?

Eberhard Zorn

The Bundeswehr needs „mental readiness” to accomplish its core mission

Fit for Deterrence and Defense? The NATO Summit in Madrid and the Future of the Alliance

Anna Clara Arndt
Göran Swistek

NATOʼs ambitious adaptation risks overstretching its capabilities

"The question of the effectiveness of sanctions is a complex one overall"

Clara Portela

Sanctions and their effects must be viewed in a differentiated manner

Special: "The Return of Violence"

"Our profession may also demand that we put our lives on the line. We seldom think about that"

Stephan Schoeps

Bundeswehr and society must continue to deal seriously with the new threat situation 

"The soldiers are experiencing a very different reality"

Petro Stanko
Iurii Kuliievych

In these times, character guidance training and pastoral care are needed more than ever

"You can see what happens when the armed forces become separated from ethics"

Jan Claas Behrends

Violence in society and violence by the military are interrelated

"All psychopaths are manmade"

Danutė Gailienė

Moral destruction of man is terribly simple