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Issue 2023/01

Resilience - aspects of crisis competence

The cover photo of this issue shows a Ukrainian soldier in the trench near Bakhmut. The photographers Kostyantin and Vlada Liberov took this and other harrowing pictures of the Ukrainian war. It is emblematic of the Ukrainians’ spirit of…

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Picture: LIBKOS

Issue 2022/02

War in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of the neighboring state on February 24, 2022, is now almost automatically associated with the buzzword of the "turning point" or the beginning of a "new era". Even if this term expresses the widespread shock about the…

Picture: photothek/Florian Gärtner

Issue 2022/01

Women, Peace & Security: The Long Road to Gender Justice

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine. Although preparations for this edition of “Ethics and Armed Forces” had already reached an advanced stage, the question arose of whether the “war in Europe” might not…

Picture: picture alliance / | Cheryl Hatch

Issue 2021/02

Innere Führung and Military Ethos Under Discussion

Between aspiration and reality – Where does Innere Führung stand? Can the familiar model of the “citizen in uniform” still maintain its claim to validity, or is it in need of readjustment or even re-evaluation and change? That was the opening…

Picture: Janine Schmitz/

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Issue 2021/01

Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier

Global climate change poses an existential danger to humanity, but has faded into the background somewhat during the coronavirus pandemic. Now the issue is back with force. In the United States, President Biden formally rejoined the Paris…

Issue 2020/02

Vulnerability and Resilience During the Corona Pandemic

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called the corona pandemic the greatest crisis of our age. It is the biggest challenge the world has faced since the United Nations was established 75 years ago. This is not only about containing the…

Issue 2020/01

The Core Question: Nuclear Deterrence in the Focus of Peace Ethics and Security Policy

“Our world is marked by a perverse dichotomy that tries to defend and ensure stability and peace through a false sense of security sustained by a mentality of fear and mistrust.” With these words, spoken in Nagasaki at the end of 2019, Pope…