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Is the use of drones and autonomous weapons ethically justifiable under certain conditions? Is cyberwar raging on the Net, and if so, how do we behave in it? What challenges do terror and new forms of war, as well as threats such as climate change and pandemics, pose to society and the military? 

Since 2014, the e-journal "Ethics and Armed Forces” has been addressing these complex and controversial questions. Renowned authors from various disciplines, from science and practice, from the military and politics, introduce the topic in their essays and delve into individual aspects. The aim is to present different points of view in order to give the readership - military chaplains, members of the Bundeswehr and other armed forces as well as an interested (specialist) public - an overview of relevant debates.

A supplementary component of each issue is the so-called Special. In this section, mainly soldiers reflect on the significance of the topic for their immediate experiences and lives. Depending on the focus, there are also interviews or contributions from military chaplains, for example.

"Ethics and Armed Forces" has the ISSN-number 2199-4137 and is registered in the German National Library.

Note: The published articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editors and publishers.