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E-journal "Ethics and Armed Forces" is awarded with the European Award for "Military Ethics"

At the 13th Berlin Security Conference (BSC), the zebis-e-journal “Ethics and Armed Forces – Controversies in Military Ethics & Security Policy” received the special prize for „Military Ethics“, the European Award for „Citizenship, Security and Defence“. Robert Walter, Member of the UK Parliament, President of the European Security and Defence Association delivered the prize.

The European Award for “Citizenship, Security and Defence” rewards outstanding achievements towards promoting European Citizenship and “European Security and Defence awareness”, defined as the civic aspect of the Common Security and Defense Policy. Laudator General Yves Béraud applauded the work of zebis and emphasized that it reflects the „necessity of strong code of conducts for European armed forces“.

The prize was awarded to zebis on the recommendation of Euro-ISME. Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Elßner (vice president of Euro-ISME) underlined the importance of ethical education in the armed forces overall. He especially emphasized zebis‘ initiative for a controversial international exchange about current questions in military ethics and security policy with its innovative e-journal „Ethics and Armed Forces“. Also, Elßner referred to the comprehensive supply of didactic materials of the zebis teaching portal and zebis achievements regarding the awareness of topics in military ethics on a European level.

Since 2011, this award has been organized by the French Association “Civisme, Défense, Armée, Nation” (CiDAN), together with the inter-parliamentary “European Security and Defence Association” (ESDA), under the High Patronage of the President of the European Council and under the Patronage of the Representation in France of the European Commission. In 2014 the European Award for “Citizenship, Security and Defence” once again benefited from a strong partnership with the German Group ProPress, the Robert Schuman Foundation and the Gesellschaft für Sicherheitspolitik.

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