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Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Liability for links
The following applies to all links to third-party websites found on pages of our “Ethics and Armed Forces” e-journal: We have no influence over the content of third-party websites. We do not in any way claim such content as our own and we assume no liability for it. The respective provider of the site is solely responsible for the content of linked sites. We did not identify any unlawful content on the linked sites. Subsequently, however, we cannot reasonably be expected to constantly check the content of linked sites without any specific indication of unlawful activity. Please tell us immediately if our links take you to sites whose content gives you cause for concern. We will remove links immediately as soon as we become aware of unlawful content on linked sites.

2. Copyright
The content, layout and structure of our “Ethics and Armed Forces” e-journal are protected by German copyright law and we expressly reserve all property rights. In particular, reproduction, editing, dissemination and any kind of use require our written permission unless statutory provisions allow such activity without permission. Downloads and copies of these pages are permitted only for private, non-commercial use. Creating hyperlinks to our web pages is only allowed with our prior written permission.

3. Personal data / security notice
It is generally possible to use our service in the form of the “Ethics and Armed Forces” e-journal without providing personal data. In the event of communication via e-mail, we cannot guarantee complete data security.