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Resilience - aspects of crisis competence

The cover photo of this issue shows a Ukrainian soldier in the trench near Bakhmut. The photographers Kostyantin and Vlada Liberov took this and other harrowing pictures of the Ukrainian war. It is emblematic of the Ukrainians’ spirit of resistance.

In this country, too, the Russian attack has changed the threat situation; soldiers in particular have to deal with the possibility of a military or hybrid attack. We take this up and discuss aspects of personal and societal resilience.

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Resilience: A Container Term with Strategic Significance

Herfried Münkler

In times of diffuse and hybrid threats, we need a flexible and comprehensive understanding of resilience

Resilience – Normatively Conceived, Transformatively Developed

Kerstin Schlögl-Flierl

Integrative resilience thinking can revitalize peace spiritual practice

Resilience, Virtue Ethics, and Mental Health Care

Craig Steven Titus

Within a resilient state of mind, the multiple dimensions of virtues can help to grow stronger

Disinformation and Disinformation Resilience

André Schülke
Alexander Filipović

Immunization against disinformation and conspiracy narratives is also an educational task

Resilience: A Care Ethical Perspective

Eva van Baarle
Peter Olsthoorn

In modern militaries, empathy and moral sensitivity should complement operational readiness

Special: Coping with Fears and Threats

“We all have our breaking point”

Ulrich Wesemann

Psychological care, performance and professionalism are key factors in preventing long-term psychological illness

Resilient military families: Challenges and opportunities presented by the Zeitenwende – Germany’s historic geo-political shift

Peggy Puhl-Regler
Alexandra Hoff-Ressel
Peter Wendl

Soldier families need constructive ways of dealing with occupational fears, concerns, and expectations

“I want to be a role model”: Portrait of Björn Baggesen

Rüdiger Frank

A personal "resilience story" about sport, recovery and the Invictus Games