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Picture: KS/Doreen Bierdel

Between Personality Development and Skills Acquisition: Ethics for Soldiers

According to a definition by social ethicist Thomas Bohrmann, the ethical field referred to as military professional ethics aims to investigate ethical principles – such as human dignity and justice – that are relevant to society as a whole and prioritised in the military domain, and to investigate them under the conditions prevalent in the military as a particular sphere of action and experience. 

What does this means for ethical education in the armed forces?

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The Relationship between Peace Ethics, Military Ethics and Security Policy

Bernhard Koch

A religiously founded peace ethics still has contemporary relevance as the normative basis for security policy and military action

Values and Norms: Don’t "Teach", Encourage Independent Acquisition!

Gerhard Kruip

Personality-building formats based on understanding must not be neglected in professional ethics teaching

Ethical Education in the German Armed Forces: Embraced Values and Moral Judgement

Matthias Gillner

Different facets of ethical education require different forms of teaching

Innere Führung – Normative Basis of Personality Development in the German Armed Forces

Angelika Dörfler-Dierken
Markus Thurau

Ethical education is immanent in Innere Führung

Medical Ethics in the Military Context – a Challenge for Research and Teaching

Rupert Dirk Fischer

Moral fitness requires continuous, adequate and scientifically based training

The Military Chaplaincy as a Discussion and Cooperation Partner in Personality Development Training for Military Personnel

Dirck Ackermann

The Protestant militairy chaplaincy remains a competent partner for ethical education in the Bundesweh