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Global Warriors? German Soldiers and the Value of Innere Führung

Innere Führung commits the German soldier to respect for human rights, to fairness, tolerance and loyalty to democratic decisions. But given current conflicts and security-policy challenges, is Innere Führung still in step with the times, and can it realistically be put into practice? Who does the Bundeswehr really need – citizens in uniform or would global warriors be preferable? Leadership ethics among soldiers – what could other nations learn from the German concept?

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Professional Soldiers and Citizens in Uniform

Donald Abenheim
Carolyn C. Halladay

In modern-day conflicts, Innere Führung is more important than ever.

Bundeswehr Without Cohesion. Negative Developments in Innere Führung

Elmar Wiesendahl

The Bundeswehr’s guiding principle is no longer in step with the times.

What’s the Matter with Innere Führung?

Uwe Hartmann

The leadership culture of the Bundeswehr requires dynamic ongoing development.

Innere Führung and Global Integral Competence

Kazuma Matoba
Bernd Küstner

How multinationality can succeed more easily during deployments. 

Innere Führung and Civil Protection – Keyword "Mission-Type Tactics"

Dirk Freudenberg

Non-police emergency response services also face new problems of leadership ethics that arise from hybrid threats.

Leadership in Multinational Military Organizations – the Example of SHAPE

Gregor Richter

The favorite among military leaders: the participative leadership style in NATO headquarters.

Integrity, Moral Courage and Innere Führung

Peter Olsthoorn

Military action requires values that are anchored in law and society.

Ethics Versus Efficiency – What Military Leadership Can Learn from Business

Detlef Aufderheide

Basic ethical principles are becoming more relevant as a result of new challenges. 

Innere Führung – Leadership Culture in Camouflage

Zentrum Innere Führung

The debate surrounding Innere Führung strengthens the German armed forces. 

Voluntary Instead of Military Service – Young People Working for the Common Good

Angelika Dörfler-Dierken

The Bundeswehr needs a new self-image to appeal to the young generation.

Special: The Case of the Bundeswehr – Who Serves Germany?

Types of Soldiers in Germany

Rabea Haß

They strive for virtues, discipline and reliability – how does this fit the new “Generation R”?

Female Soldiers as Superiors

Gerhard Kümmel

Almost 20,000 women serve Germany – but female leaders are less and less accepted by their male colleagues.