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Rash anti-terror measures prove ineffective and place a strain on foreign relations.   
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Radicalization’s main causes are psychological and social.   
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There are red lines which a state governed by the rule of law must not cross.
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The fight against terrorism needs precisely the rules that terrorism seeks to destroy.
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Terrorism spreads fear and terror through propaganda of the deed – with the help of the media.
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"Freedom and Security Are Not Contradictory"

Rear Admiral Carsten Stawitzki

Soldiers act in the context of the networked approach and serve a peace logic. Not least, they need an ethical foundation on which their profession is built.

State countermeasures are only effective if they are embedded in internationally coordinated strategies.
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Terror – The Fear Profiteers

Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, Berlin, Barcelona, London – the web of terror attacks across Europe is growing ever denser: “The fragments of images dissolve into each other, merging in the media perception into a gigantic phantasm – the phantasm of omnipresent violence.”  Nearly two decades after the twin attacks on the World Trade Center, the terrorists’ psychological strategy seems to work: “The fear of attacks lives in people’s minds, crawls through their imagination, and controls their expectations.” 
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The European Union should secure refugees’ rights. 
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Freedom always implies vulnerability.
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Repressive counterterrorism measures turn the state into the terrorists’ accomplice.
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Special: Germany's Counterterrorism Strategies