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Hybrid Warfare – Enemies at a Loss?

Hybrid warfare – this is a combination of covert and overt operations, of political and economic measures, of information operations and propaganda, of subversion and cyber attacks, and even military assistance and the covert deployment of special forces. 

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Hybrid Attacks Demand Comprehensive Defense

Bastian Giegerich

Defense against hybrid threats is a task for society as a whole.

Hybrid Wars. The Dissolution of the Binary Order of War and Peace, and Its Consequences

Herfried Münkler

“Hybrid war” cannot sufficiently explain the complexity of current conflicts.

"Hybrid Warfare" – A Possible Trigger for Advances in the Comprehensive Approach?

Fouzieh Melanie Alamir

New forms of combat require appropriate security policy concepts from the EU and NATO.

From Hybrid Threats to Hybrid Security Policy

Christian Mölling

A strategy of deterrence, defense and resilience prevents escalations.

Just Peacemaking and Hybrid Wars

Drew Christiansen SJ

Peace work opens up new opportunities in current crises.

Old Wars, New Rules – The Impacts of Hybrid Warfare on Women

Karin Nordmeyer

Violence against women is becoming a tactical weapon in hybrid wars.

Myths of Hybrid Warfare

Mary Ellen O’Connell

Only international law can achieve lasting peace.

"Hybrid Warfare" and the Continuing Relevance of the Just War Tradition in the 21st Century

David Whetham

The criteria of the “just war” safeguard the rule of law and democratic values.

Special: Hybrid War – A Global Crisis Close to Home

The Refugee Business – To What Extent Does Europe Share the Blame?

Michael Gmelch

Extremist groups are financed in dark ways via billions of euros from people smuggling – a military deacon outlines his impressions.

Does the Training of Peshmerga Forces Help Against Hybrid Warfare?

Jan Heymann

According to the Bundeswehr, their activities in northern Iraq are purely a training mission in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization.

Sea Rescue in the Mediterranean and Hybrid Warfare

Andreas-Martin Seidl

The soldier’s commitment to the values of the German Basic Law must not change, even in light of the refugee rescue operation – a commander’s thoughts.

Refugee Movements as a Consequence of Hybrid Wars

Elke Tießler-Marenda

Hybrid conflicts increase the potential dangers for the civilian population and force them to flee. Integration becomes all the more important.

An Ethical and Moral Challenge for Soldiers of the German Armed Forces

Jürgen Weigt

Hybrid conflict scenarios increase the likelihood of a clash with unbridled fanaticism – a major general’s reflections.