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Anonymous Killing by new Technologies? The Soldier between Conscience and Machine

Robots on the trigger – while that sounds like science fiction, the fact is that around sixty countries and armies are currently working on such lethal autonomous systems. They evaluate the available data in fractions of a second, enabling them to decide accurately when and where to fire.

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Lethal Autonomous Systems and the Plight of the Non-combatant

Ronald C. Arkin

Robotics technology can reduce the number of civilian casualties to avoid a lot of suffering and misery. 

The Need for a Preemptive Prohibition on Fully Autonomous Weapons

Stephen Goose

Governments and human rights organizations are calling for a prohibition on fully autonomous weapons systems.

Armed Drones: Legal Issues from an International Law Perspective

Stefan Oeter

Armed drones are part of the asymmetrical war controversy.

Killing by Drones: The Problematic Practice of U.S. Drone Warfare

Peter Rudolf

U.S. practices raise moral concerns, with increasing worries over inflationary use. 

Drones, Robots and the Ethics of War

Daniel Statman

New technologies could represent ethical progress in the history of warfare.

My new Fellow Soldier - Corporal Robot?

Jörg Wellbrink

Robotic systems can support but not replace soldiers.