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War in Ukraine

Issue 2022/2


The Russian invasion of the neighboring state on February 24, 2022, is now almost automatically associated with the buzzword of the "turning point" or the beginning of a "new era". Even if this term expresses the widespread shock about the events in Ukraine, it is rightly questioned. To what extent do concepts of peace ethics and security policy require revision? What are current and future-relevant questions, regardless of a - currently unforeseeable - end to the war?

Photo: photothek/Florian Gärtner


With Resolution 1325, the UN Security Council addressed the situation of women before, in and after armed conflicts for the first time more than 20 years ago and emphasized the connection between gender justice, conflict prevention and peacekeeping. The war in Ukraine once again demonstrates the relevance of the topic. The authors of this issue take a critical look at the so-called "Women, Peace and Security" agenda and address key focal points - including the causes, prevention and legal processing of conflict-related sexual violence, opportunities for participation and the integration of women in armed forces.

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With the transformation of the Bundeswehr into an operational army, a debate has begun about the concept of Innere Führung (leadership development and civic education), the attitude and role models of soldiers. Do they see themselves as “German Warriors”, defining themselves above all through military professionalism and corresponding role models? To what extent does Innere Führung meet the reality of military operations? An examination of the concept and its ethical foundations, but also of military virtues in general and their significance in the past and present.

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