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War in Ukraine


The Russian invasion of the neighboring state on February 24, 2022, is now almost automatically associated with the buzzword of the "turning point" or the beginning of a "new era". Even if this term expresses the widespread shock about the events in Ukraine, it is rightly questioned. To what extent do concepts of peace ethics and security policy require revision? What are current and future-relevant questions, regardless of a - currently unforeseeable - end to the war?

The complete issue including PDF for download is online on 15 Dec 2022; here you will find interviews from the Bundeswehr and military chaplaincy published in advance.

Photo: photothek/Florian Gärtner

Special: "The return of violence"


Bundeswehr and society must continue to deal seriously with the new threat situation 


In these times, character guidance training and pastoral care are needed more than ever