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Women, Peace & Security: The Long Road to Gender Justice

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine. Although preparations for this edition of “Ethics and Armed Forces” had already reached an advanced stage, the question arose of whether the “war in Europe” might not be a more pressing topic. An understandable, but also treacherous urge, given that gender issues often take second place to supposedly “hard” security questions.

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Particularly in difficult geopolitical times, the WPS agenda must be consistently developed
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Systematic sexual assaults corrode social structures
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Consistent law enforcement requires more than progressive legal standards
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Forgotten: Children Born of War

Sabine Lee & Heide Glaesmer

Children fathered by foreign soldiers often remain in the shadows for decades 
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Promoting participation needs political and financial commitment instead of stereotypes 
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For a successful mission, armed forces need veritable inclusion 
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More Gender Perspective, Please!

Ministry and Army could better embed the WPS agenda 
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Gender issues affect all core tasks of NATO as a security alliance