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Vulnerability and Resilience During the Corona Pandemic

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called the corona pandemic the greatest crisis of our age. It is the biggest challenge the world has faced since the United Nations was established 75 years ago. This is not only about containing the virus, but also a matter of basic human solidarity, of helping people to cope with the economic consequences. Guterres speaks of a choice: When the crisis is eventually over, we can either go back to how things were before, or we can resolutely set about changing the things that make the world vulnerable to pandemics.

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The corona crisis shows that we have to rethink our understanding of solidarity
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The path to solidarity leads through the acceptance of one’s own vulnerability
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In addition to military support, crisis management also requires risk tolerance
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The efforts to increase resilience in the wake of the pandemic promote the development of rivaling “greater regions” 
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Alleged objectivity and war rhetoric serve political disempowering and perpetuate inequality
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Special: The German Armed Forces in Crisis Mode

Three reports from the German navy, the Bundeswehr's medical service and the army


"At first, the tension was palpable"

An interview with military chaplain Torsten Stemmer


"A citizen in uniform will always help the population"

Oberstarzt Willi Schmidbauer / Oberfeldarzt Dennis Ritter