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Conflict Zone Cyberspace: Prospects for Security and Peace

“Six out of ten internet users worry about cyberwars,” reported IT industry association Bitkom in early 2019. It is possible that for many people, the survey conjured up a danger that they had never considered before. But still the story provides a number of points for reflection. 

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Peace consolidation in cyberspace can learn from the experiences of international armaments control
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Fear-driven threat scenarios are not the way to deal with the paradoxical phenomenon of “cyberwar”
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We should focus on emerging norms in cyberspace, instead of trying to force it to conform to abstract notions of law. 
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Of Cyber, War, and Cyberwar

Eneken Tikk and Mika Kerttunen

There is no war in cyberspace – but what happens there could lead to a real war
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Militarization will never provide security – this also applies to cyberspace
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For the EU and its citizens, Europeanization of the armed forces is much more of an opportunity than a risk
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Special: Cyberspace as a Domain of Military Action


Protect, investigate, take action: the Bundeswehr’s cyber capabilities are essential for the security of society
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Cyber defence is part of the alliance's core task


Confidence building and communication within the OSCE are essential