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Strategic Foresight: a Broader Vision, Fewer Crises?

The question at the core of foresight processes is: What is in store for us? What do we need to prepare ourselves for? This issue of “Ethics and Armed Forces” goes one step further. Can foresight be made to serve the goals of peace ethics – or, in other words: Does a broader vision mean fewer crises? The authors offer an interdisciplinary investigation of the question – from the perspective of futures research, theology and ethics, (security) policy and the military. They explain key concepts, give an overview of foresight practice in Germany, and critically examine its capabilities and limitations. 

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Foresight can contribute to lasting conflict prevention and the maintenance of peace
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“Learned ignorance” – how foresight can support crisis prevention
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Scenario planning can be an effective way to initiate and assist conflict resolution 
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Foresight is an important element of crisis prevention, but it requires clear ethical guidance too
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NATO uses strategic foresight analysis as the basis for its military planning
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Germany needs to catch up on inter-ministerial crisis early warning and strategic foresight
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History will not wait for Germany! The Federal Republic of Germany needs a long-term security strategy. 
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Special: Between Technology and Man - on the Bundeswehr of Tomorrow


Complementing classical planning tools, foresight is essential for crisis preparedness today


The adaptation of the German armed forces to possible technological trends must be accompanied by constant ethical guidance
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By changing our very nature, human enhancement faces the military and society as a whole with enormous challenges