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Just Peacemaking and Hybrid Wars. By Drew Christiansen, S.J.

In short by Cornelius Sturm

The potentials of non-violent conflict management are often overlooked. Ethical discussions frequently get hung up on the question of what rules military operations should follow. Meanwhile, especially in the Christian churches, there is a long tradition of non-violence. Taking the Ukraine as an example, Drew Christiansen shows how non-violent measures can help to manage current conflicts.

Christiansen proposes three mutually compatible options. One is civil involvement, such as taking in refugees, or the public exposure of oppression and poverty. But cooperative conflict resolution possibilities, paired with diplomatic means and efforts to combat prejudices among the population, also open up new paths to solutions. Additional scope is offered by bringing in international actors, who can provide peacekeeping forces or prosecute war crimes, for example.

For Christiansen, the key advantage of peacemaking measures is that they not only end existing wars, but can also prevent future conflicts. Therefore, in a practical way, they contribute to the Christian ideal of “just peace”.

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